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Route 66 Attractions, Famous stops And Best Places to See

Known by most as Route 66, this famous route links Illinois and California.

The 2000-mile road is one of the most well-known route 66 stops in the nation because so many early Americans had travelled it. Travellers can learn about the rich heritage that has remained along Historic Route 66 stops, which continue to be best places to see on Route 66, a popular destination for tourists today.

Take a pleasant ride to Historic best places to see on Route 66. Route 66 stops at many beautiful roadside locations and charming little villages. Each US state has Route 66 attractions that are worthwhile visiting for the joy of the whole experience. Beautiful monuments, eateries, neon signs, and statues may be seen at every route 66 stops.

Now let’s get started.

The Top 10 best places to see on Route 66

Arcadia Round Barn –

Arcadia, Oklahoma

Arcadia, Oklahoma | Travellfy

Arcadia, Oklahoma, is a neighbourhood of Oklahoma City that is located just outside of Edmond.

The building is currently used as an Route 66 historic historical museum, social event centre, and live music venue. The interior show is free to view, however buying gifts from the gift shop is a great way to help maintain the storage facility.

Established in 1898, the barn’s unique spherical shape makes it readily noticeable. The spherical walls and ceiling rafters were constructed from local bur oak boards that were soaked  and shaped into what makes them unique curvature. The spherical shed was designed to be the heart of route 66 museum.

In the 1920s, Route 66 attractions were built through Arcadia adjacent to the barnyard. There are countless numbers of tourists who have stopped by this barn along the way to take in its magnificent architectural wonder since it opened in 1929—  Even though most people are going to stay in Oklahoma City, There are a few hotel chains close to Arcadia if you want to end your day there.

Just a few miles away, in Edmond, are several closest hotels.

Blue Hole –

Blue Hole | Travellfy

Santa Rosa,

Route 66 attractions have numerous sporting possibilities alongside the scenic views. The Blue Hole, which is near Santa Rosa, New Mexico, is among the famous route 66 stops . The Blue Hole in the United States is a popular route 66 landmarks for relaxing swims as well as diving.

Blue Hole is a naturally formed pool with spring-fed water that is continuously 62°F. One could observe the pool’s fantastic depth because of its remarkably transparent turquoise-coloured waters. Although everyone can swim for enjoyment,but for the diving requires permission. People of all ages can have fun at this famous Route 66 stops.

 Enter the swimming pool if you’re brave enough.

Tee Pee Curios Shop –

Tee Pee Curios Shop | Travellfy


Among the best places to visit along route 66 Tucumcari, New Mexico is a good choice.

The Tee Pee Curios Shop is one of the best places to spend time on Route 66 in the area. Enter one of the top roadside souvenir shops by going through the door of the big white teepee. Tee Pee Curios Shop has a huge range of collectibles, souvenirs, and collection of Route 66 historic items. Everything, even clothes and pottery, has been placed up on the shelves. Take your time exploring; you never know what you might come across. 

Do not pass up the photo chances offered at the shop. The structure has a number of statues and murals within. Enjoy on this famous route 66 stops heaving neon teepee signs when you visit—

It lights up at night! 

Blue Whale of Catoosa –

Blue Whale of Catoosa | Travellfy


The Blue Whale route 66 of Catoosa, located just east of Catoosa, Oklahoma, is one of the cool things to see on Route 66. It is the most pretty-known attraction so far. Check out this little pond, which is called the most photographed location on the road.

Soon after it was built in the 1970s, the Blue Whale route of Catoosa became well-known among travellers. It was built over a pond that was once a well-liked swimming spot; Although swimming is now prohibited, and so visitors may only enjoy the view from the balcony.

You can enter the whale’s mouth or climb up on top of its tail to take pictures. This is a great place for kids to go climbing. It’s also an excellent spot for a picnic. Along the pond’s edge, there isa souvenir shop and picnic tables of beautifully crafted whale themes.

Milk Bottle Grocery –

Milk Bottle Grocery | Travellfy

Oklahoma City,

You could only miss this one of the famous Route 66 stops if you were blind, and that would be the “  Milk Bottle Grocery building “ Of Oklahoma City’s Asian District.

Constructed as a car museum on route 66  in the 1930s, the unique, triangular-shaped building was eventually transformed into a grocery shop after streetcars failed to catch on. Locals called it “The Triangle Grocery” from 1940 until 1948. Surprisingly, the recognisable enormous milk bottle on top was primarily hired for local advertising and wasn’t owned by the store. Dairy firms paid to have their logos painted on the milk container, which is a brilliant idea especially because the grocery store is located on busy Classen Boulevard, and is regularly visited by hundreds of people driving through Oklahoma City on Route 66.

In 1948, the recognisable enormous milk bottle was introduced.

After 50 years, both the magnificent sight and the Giant Milk Bottle, were added to America’s National Register of rarest Historic Places. Currently, the Milk Bottle Grocery serves as an office. Sadly, Elise Kilpatrick, who took over the store from her father, was unable to keep up the local grocery business and bring it back .

Because the giant milk bottle is still there, it is still worth experiencing. A building with a milk bottle on the roof is not something you see every day. Without a doubt, this is one of the most stunning route 66 landmarks to visit along with friends and family members.

KiMo Theatre –

KiMo Theatre | Travellfy


Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a location that visitors travelling along the old Route 66 shouldn’t miss.

After all, Albuquerque is home to cool things to see on Route 66 crossing near the highway.

But the most magnificent sight on Route 66 in Albuquerque is the KiMo Theatre.

Built in 1927, Pueblo Deco architecture is a rare combination of Art Deco and Native American motifs. This theatre is one of the few moments of such architecture. It is widely recognised as the most prominent Pueblo Deco building in the world.

Seeing a play, movie, or performance is the best thing to do in the KiMo because it’s still an operational theatre. During open hours, visitors can explore the KiMo on their own, however guided tours are also offered during Meet the KiMo events.

The KiMo has many distinctive features, but the Wurlitzer pipe organ is not to be missed. It was used as the soundtrack for silent films in the 1920s. The most famous works of art at the KiMo are the nine wall paintings that Carl von Hassler created. These paintings showcase New Mexico’s breathtaking scenery, with the state’s pueblo dwellings looking beautiful.

Once you’re done, get lunch at the 66 Diner, a former Route 66 Phillips gas station that’s conveniently located nearby. They have a great bacon and green chilli cheeseburger and a unique “Elvis” peanut butter and banana milkshake.

The best hotel in Albuquerque is the Bottger castle in Old Town.

From hot air balloon outings to Route 66 monuments, the kind hosts will take care of you and make sure you get a good meal every morning. They will also help you with detailed instructions on how to find cool things to see on Route 66. 

El Morro

El Morro | Travellfy

National Monument –

Most people believe that graffiti is a somewhat recent event.

Still, names have been written on walls for generations.

The Western pioneer form of the trend is found in El Morro National Monument in New Mexico. This easy-to-find monument is located on Route 66 through New Mexico, an hour’s drive south of Gallup. Surrounded by a very deserted location, El Morro gained popularity as a Route 66 landmarks because of its reliable supply of water. It was first used by the Zuni, who founded pueblos in the area in the late 13th century. It is still possible to see those ancient rock art inscriptions.

In 1583, a Spanish expedition arrived that followed far more pirates looking for gold.In 1605, the first Spanish inscription was written by Don Juan de Onate.The important thing to do at El Morro is to go around the rock in a loop to observe each inscription.

This should take half an hour. There is also camping at the monument, and guides giving speeches. But if you’re not camping, Gallup is the best place to see on Route 66.

Stay close by.

Tower Station and

El Morro | Travellfy

U-Drop Inn Café –

The U-Drop Inn’s stunning art deco style is easy to spot as you travel along Historic Route 66.

Built as a fuel station and café in 1936, the U-Drop Inn was located near Shamrock, Texas. Renovated to its original magnificence, it is called one of the most famous ghost town on route 66 along the road.

Right now, the U-Drop Inn is listed as the best places to visit along route 66  on the National Register. It was used to create the Shamrock Visitor Information Centre. There are several exhibitions on the historical route there. The building made a comeback in the animated film Cars, making it the best places to see on Route 66  for kids. At the centre are exhibitions related to film that provide great opportunities for photos.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch –

The Big Texan Steak Ranch, which has an excellent location off the highway in Amarillo, is another must-see place to visit along Texas Route 66 destination.

Since 1960, the brightly coloured Big Texan Steak Ranch has been a favourite destination for photos, that includes windmills, cow statues, dinosaur statues, and cars dressed with longhorns. In other words, it has been a memorable and unique photo location for much longer than Instagram has existed.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch’s 72-oz steak challenge is its biggest-known highlight.

If you accept the challenge, you’ll need to finish a 72-oz steak, a baked potato, a prawn cocktail, a buttery roll, and a salad in less than an hour. You will receive a delicious dinner at no cost if you win. But You will have to pay $72 if you lose.

If you’re not interested in food challenges, the Big Texan Steak Ranch also serves a variety of beef cuts around the size of persons, as well as other Texan common foods such as chicken fried steak.

Do you want to make the most of your visit?

Think about booking a room at the restaurant’s motel or RV park on-site, or take advantage of the no-cost limo service (the limos, of course, have longhorns attached to the front of the vehicle) if you would like a free pick-up. The Big Texan Steak Ranch is one of the most well-known and unique Route 66 stops, so make sure to make your journey there.

Cadillac Ranch –

Cadillac Ranch | Travellfy


Whether you’re taking a road trip throughout Texas or the rest of the country, the Cadillac Ranch has to be on your list of cool things to see on Route 66.

Ten Cadillacs from 1949 to 1963 have been discovered throughout the desert, west of Amarillo, Texas, near Route 66, and called the “iconic Route 66 stop.”

Three friends came up with the idea for the strange artwork known as the Cadillac Ranch, which they built in 1974, after reading a children’s book. The three asked American millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 to finance them in their proposal, and  it turned out, they built this bizarre sculpture.In thirty minutes or less, you will have enough time to snap photos of the cars decorated with written messages.

You should, however, allow more time for this attraction if you enjoy spray painting the automobiles, which is highly recommended. If you choose to spray paint your car, make sure you take pictures of it right away because the next day, someone else might take your masterpiece!

Cadillac Ranch is open all year and entry is free. Looking for cool best places to see on Route 66

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Whether you’re looking for fun locations to visit or chances to snap photographs, these places to visit along route 66  in the United States are simply mesmerising because of  so many attractions waiting for you to see. You will be amazed at how beautifully the route 66 stops keeps its history as well as why it is so well-known as the best places to see on Route 66.While you  travel to Route 66 stops all year round, But in general Spring and early summer are seen as the best times to visit! It may not be the best idea to camp along these route 66 attractions in your truck camper during the winter,  especially in places like Illinois that receive a lot of snowfall.

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