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9 Best Cheap Travel Destinations – Travellfy

Cheap travel destinations are the dream of all those people who are waiting for those savings to reach a point to satisfy their wanderlust. Killing up your travelling dreams due to budget restraints?

Your wait is finally over and all those waiting years have finally paid off!

Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean burning a hole in your pocket! You can explore beautiful but cheap travel destinations to continue your travel diaries.

Travelling is a therapeutic experience that should not be hindered due to the thoughts of not having enough money to travel.

So, visit cheap travel destinations now and save up little by little to explore expensive travel destinations in the future without halting your current travel expeditions.

We at, with this blog, will help you explore the best cheap travel destinations hidden worldwide to satisfy the wanderlust in you and complete your travel dreams.

Cheap Travel Destinations

It is natural for an individual to yearn for getaways to have a break from their monotonous lives.

Majorly, a travel plan is postponed due to the thought of breaking the bank and spending all your hard-earned savings.

To help you travel the world without denting your pockets, here is a list of cheap places to travel in the world –


This place is also comes under cheap travel destinations, A country with beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural history, Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to travel in the world.

If you are a budget-savvy traveller, Vietnam is an ideal place for you to travel with an average daily spend of around $30 – $100 without the airfare.

Vietnam offers its tourists numerous attractions ranging from the serene and picturesque beauty of Ha Long Bay to the bustling streets of Hanoi.


The best-kept secret of South America, Bolivia is filled with breathtaking landscapes that range from Salar de Uyuni to the vibrant markets of La Paz.

With a lower cost of living, Bolivia proves to be an ideal destination for travel under a budget with its per day average spend of around $52 per person excluding the airfare.


Portugal is the dream destination for individuals travelling under a budget.

From beautiful cobblestone streets and stunning historic architecture to breathtaking golden beaches, Portugal is a travel haven for tourists.

With an average daily spend of $50 or an average weekly spend of around $350, an individual can enjoy delicious cuisines and fine wine as well as explore the ancient castles to make the most of their trip.

Best Cheap Vacation Destinations

3 of the best cheap vacation destinations around the world to expand your travel diaries are –


An ideal cheap vacation destination for a budget traveller, Mexico has a range of diverse landscapes to fulfil the desires of all kinds of travellers.

With an average daily spending ranging between $80 to $150, a tourist can enjoy their hearts out starting from relaxing on the pristine beaches of Riviera Maya to exploring the array of vibrant streets present in Mexico City.


The Land of Smiles is the perfect destination for budget-conscious travellers with its exotic allure and rich culture.

From indulging in mouth-watering street food and relaxing on paradisiacal beaches to even exploring the numerous ancient temples, Thailand has something to serve to all its travellers.

With a daily average spend of around $70 and a weekly spend of around $585, an individual can explore the entire vacation destination!


One of the cheapest vacation destinations in the European continent, Greece is a paradise for budget-friendly travellers.

An individual can explore its iconic landmarks, go island hopping as well as enjoy Greek cuisine with a weekly average spend of $1,181.

Affordable Vacation Spots

To help you find the best affordable vacation spots, we at provide you with the top 3 most affordable vacation spots in the world and they are –


The gateway to South America, Colombia offers to be the treasure trove of affordable experiences for travellers.

The country is home to vibrant culture, lush landscapes and warm hospitality which a tourist can enjoy at an average weekly spend of $310.


To get the travel experience of Europe at a fraction of the cost as compared to other countries, Poland is the most affordable vacation spot for an individual.

An individual can soak in the rich history and architectural wonders of the country, explore the stunningly beautiful medieval castles, stroll through vibrant and picturesque villages as well as indulge in delicious Polish cuisine at an average daily spend between $55 to $75.


An affordable vacation spot that won’t break the bank of a traveller, Cambodia is a travel paradise for travellers under a strict travel budget.

An individual can indulge in many activities like exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, visiting the exhilarating markets, relaxing and rejuvenating on pristine beaches as well as indulging in the rich culture of the country.

An individual can travel through this whole trip with an average daily spend of $123 excluding flights and $201 including flights.


Whenever an individual is looking for places to travel without burdening themselves financially, they look for cheap places to visit to fulfil their travel needs.

We at understand this and to help you through this have provided you with the best cheap vacation destinations of the world!

To enjoy an affordable vacation spot, you can travel to any of the destinations mentioned above and satisfy the wanderlust in you while breaking off the monotonous routine of your daily life!

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