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Bungee Jumping In The World – The Best 7!

Bungee jumping opens up the doors of the ultimate flow of adrenaline for adventure enthusiasts.

The outdoor sport defies gravity as the individual freefalls to embrace the feeling of exhilaration and adventure.

Bungee jumping has become a global sensation over the past many years as it provides the ultimate thrill to adrenaline junkies.

This blog will explore the best bungee jumping in the world while listing the uniqueness that each bungee jumping place has to offer.


Highest Bungee Jumping In The World

The highest bungee jumping in the world can be found in the country of China at The Grandeur of Macau Tower.


The Grandeur Of Macau Tower, China

The Macau Tower is situated at the soaring height of 233 meters making it the highest bungee jumping in the world.

The plunge of the bungee jump is adorned by the beautiful skyline of the city of Macau providing a visual spectacle to remember.

As the Macau Tower is situated at such a dizzying height, the free fall of the bungee jump feels endless to the individual.

The never-ending feeling of the bungee jump provides an excitement in the individual that is both thrilling and awe-inspiring.


Bungee Jumping Best In The World

Two of the bungee jumping that are considered to be the best in the world are –


Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is regarded as the adventure capital of the world and owing to its reputation, it provides individuals with some of the best bungee jumping experiences in the entire world.

Queenstown is the home to the first-ever commercial bungee jumping site in the world at The Kawarau Bridge Bungy.

When an individual leaps from this bungee jumping site, they witness the breathtaking view of the historic Kawarau River.

Additionally, another bungee jump site that provides a spectacular view of the landscapes of New Zealand is the Nevis Bungy which is situated at a height of 134 meters above the Nevis River.


Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Considered to be an architectural marvel, the Verzasca Dam is situated at a height of 220 meters and is adorned with one of the best bungee jumping spots in the world.

During the jump, a surreal backdrop is created by the tranquil and turquoise waters of the Verzasca River adding to the thrill and excitement of the jump.

Surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, this leap of faith is the ideal bungee jumping spot for an adrenaline junkie.


Best Bungee Jumping Places In The World

The top two best bungee jumping places in the world are –


Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia/Zimbabwe

This bungee jumping spot is located amidst the beautiful backdrop of Victoria Falls offering the individual with natural beauty as well as the adrenaline rush of the bungee jump.

Once the individual takes the free fall from a height of 111 meters, they plunge into the gorge with the Zambezi River beneath them.

The power of nature and the thrill and excitement of the free fall are combined creating a unique experience for the individual.


The Last Resort, Nepal

This bungee jumping place is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas and offers individuals adrenaline as well as spectacular mountain views.

While taking the bungee jump from 160 meters above the Bhote Koshi River, the individuals get to experience the beauty offered by the heart of the Himalayan landscape.

Adventure seekers who take up the bungee jump at the Last Resort attain an unforgettable experience of their whole life.


Best Bungee Jumping Spots In The World

Two of the best bungee jumping spots in the world are given below –


The Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, USA provides individuals with the experience of a bungee jump that is adorned by the exhilarating feeling of the jump with the spectacular beauty of the Arkansas River Gorge.

Considered to be one of the highest suspension bridge jumps in the entire world, the place is like a heaven on earth for adventure seekers.

The unforgettable experience is enhanced to a state of natural grandeur by the views of the rugged canyon that the individual experiences during the free fall.


Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Considered to be one of the highest bridge jumps in the world at a height of 216 meters, the Bloukrans Bridge is a paradise for adventurous junkies in the world.

Providing a perfect mix of nature as well as adventure, the Bloukrans Bridge has the backdrop of the magnificent Bloukrans River Gorge and is surrounded by beautiful dense forests.

One of the most sought-after bungee jumping spots in the world, the Bloukrans Bridge bungee provides an iconic leap to all the thrill seekers in the world.



Bungee jumping is the go-to adventure sport for every individual who seeks an adrenaline rush as well as wants to celebrate the free spirit of a human being.

So, if you want to celebrate life with this exhilarating adventure, you can visit the best bungee jumping in the world mentioned above.

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