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Christmas – Best 7 Destinations In The World!

Christmas – the most awaited holiday of the year brings with it a bag full of joy and celebrations!

With the onset of the Christmas holidays that last till the New Year, many individuals embark on a travel journey to celebrate Christmas in the most remarkable of places.

With twinkling lights and decorated houses, Christmas time serves as a visual delight depicting the festivities of the most famous festival.

Come December 25 and everyone is in a joyous mood with red, black and white attire standing next to luscious Christmas trees and exchanging gifts and love under the mistletoe with their loved ones.

For travellers looking for an international destination on Christmas, we at offer you the best international destinations to celebrate Christmas!

This blog will explore the most wish-listed Christmas vacations, the best Christmas destination in the world, budget-friendly destinations for Christmas, the best place to spend Christmas in Europe as well as which country celebrates Christmas the most!


Most Wish-Listed Christmas Vacations

Christmas vacations that are a part of the wish list of most individuals form the most wish-listed Christmas vacations and include –


Lapland, Finland

Lapland located in Finland is said to be the official hometown of Santa Claus – a name synonymous with Christmas!

Being a winter wonderland, Lapland offers its visitors and residents picturesque snowy landscapes where individuals can indulge in reindeer sleigh rides.

Additionally, the enchanting Northern Lights are also responsible for making Lapland the most wish-listed and dreamy vacation spot!


New York City, USA

New York City transforms itself into a winter wonderland during the festive season of Christmas.

With the Big Apple turning into a glittering and twinkling dreamland, the city being decorated by the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and Fifth Avenue filled with mystic magical window displays, New York City is amongst the most wish-listed Christmas vacation spots!

In addition to the radiant festive vibe, individuals can also indulge in ice skating in Central Park as well as listen to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular to heavily submerge into the magical Christmas magic.


Best Christmas Destination In The World

Also known as the Capital of Christmas, Strasbourg located in France is considered to be the best Christmas destination in the world!

Tucked away in the beautiful Alsace region, the city is home to the oldest Christmas market in Europe – Christkindelsmärik which is considered to be several centuries old!

The Christmas market metamorphoses Strasbourg into a magical Christmas paradise making it the best Christmas destination in the world.

Individuals can indulge in roaming the cobbled streets that are filled with glittering and twinkling lights as well as divulge in the most delicious Alsatian specialties that add to the magic by the glow of the mighty Strasbourg Cathedral!


Budget-Friendly Destinations For Christmas

Individuals who are looking to celebrate Christmas internationally but do not wish to burn a hole in their pocket can travel to the following budget-friendly destinations for Christmas –


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers one of the best budget-friendly destinations for Christmas without foregoing the majestic Christmas charm.

The city is adorned with beautiful Christmas markets that are located against the backdrop of the iconic and majestic Buda Castle.

The Christmas markets offer individuals local crafts at an affordable and budget-friendly price. Additionally, people can also enjoy the delicious street food delicacies that are offered in these Christmas markets.

Further, the city also offers individuals to relax in thermal baths in the cold winter to rejuvenate themselves after a joyous day while exploring and indulging in festive celebrations.


Medellín, Colombia

A South American gem located in Colombia, Medellín is considered to be an offbeat Christmas destination becoming a top contender for the best budget-friendly destinations for Christmas.

Alumbrados – the intricate holiday lights display has a dazzling effect on the joyous Christmas celebrations.

The whole city is filled with a festive and celebratory atmosphere and ambiance, becoming an offbeat Christmas jewel to travel to without breaking the bank.


Best Place To Spend Christmas In Europe

Vienna, situated in Austria is considered to be the best place to spend Christmas in Europe.

Permeating with imperial elegance, the city screams the festive Christmas vibe. The historic palaces as well as the grand boulevards of the capital city of Austria, Vienna are decorated with twinkling and dazzling lights transforming the whole city into a Christmas fairyland!

Additionally, with aromas of roasted chestnuts filling the air, the entire ambiance of the country shouts Christmas and the celebrations it brings with it!

Individuals can also indulge in various concerts of classical music that go hand in hand with the opulent traditions of the city making it a regal, royal and best place to spend Christmas in Europe.


Which Country Celebrates Christmas The Most?

Even though Christmas is hugely associated with snow, the country that celebrates Christmas the most is Mexico!

The whole of Mexico celebrates Christmas in a vibrant and lively manner. The country is famous for going all out on Christmas owing to the Spanish influence as well as its indigenous traditions.

Individuals can indulge in colourful piñatas as well as the celebratory procession to the iconic Posadas where a local play depicting the search for shelter by Mary and Joseph is enacted.



As an ode to Christmas, all of the destinations mentioned above provide a joyous and festive celebration to all the people across the world.

So, for travellers looking for the best international destinations to celebrate Christmas, follow our tips on travel destinations and make the most of this festive vacation!

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