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Top Best Night Club in Bangkok Thailand for Best Nightlife – Travellfy

Are you excited to ride the roller coaster of Bangkok nightlife and enjoy this amazing world of joy and energy? In this active city, are like the most populated spots, allowing people to get entertained with music, lights, and dancing. If you want to see the modern side of Bangkok, you must pay a visit to busy streets of Sukhumvit and the rooftops in the downtown area. Bangkok has lots of places to go, no matter what you are in the mood for.

In this article, we are going to visit the top 5 dance clubs in Bangkok. All of these nightclubs promises an awesome night out for anybody who wants to go out in a nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand. Here comes a trip to a magical world of music, lights, and unforgettable moments in Bangkok’s nightlife, which is the coolest thing. Therefore, you only need to take your dancing shoes and be ready to experience one of the most exciting nights in the capital city of Thailand.

1. Club Insanity:

Best Night Club in Bangkok Club insanity - travellfy

Being right at the centre of the Sukhumvit area, Club Insanity is one of the best Thai Disco in Bangkok. It takes Bangkok in the list of party hotspots with its unavoidable magical and seductive ambiance that attracts party enthusiasts. A moment after you get in, you become immersed into the world of rich sensations. The club’s modern sound system echoes through the room, producing a vibration that no one can resist. 

Top international DJs will be in the turntables to set the crowd on fire with the music that will make everyone dance non-stop and in a very big way. The environment is truly enjoyable as it brings together a varied group of partygoers who are all hyped up, getting a kick out of the thrill of the moment. 

Whether you are a fan of the flashy dance floor or the luxurious VIP lounges, Club Insanity has something to offer everyone. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that every guest is able to find their own little paradise in the middle of the vibrant ambiances.

The power has been growing through the night, and it just gets stronger as the night progresses, a level of energy that’s almost impossible to describe. It is a sensory experiment of lights and music that has an everlasting impact on each participant of that excitement. The club is not just a nightclub — it is a destination for all the people who are keen to feel the real Bangkok’s night-life.

This place has unique style of entertainment that can’t be matched by other nightclubs in Bangkok and that’s why it is considered one of the best nightlife spots in the city. It is one of the best night spots in Bangkok, a town that never sleeps. You know, if you are that type of person who dances from the sunset to the sunrise, and you just want to create memories that will last forever, Club Insanity is waiting for you to come and join us.

2. Levels Club & Lounge:

Best Night Club in Bangkok is Level Club and Lounge - Travellfy

Towering over the Aloft Hotel with an elegance touch, Levels Club & Lounge presents itself as the best nightclub in Bangkok. This luxury venue features a multi-level setting, each floor with a different ambience and a specific music style. The moment you get in the door, you are already enclosed by an atmosphere of elegance.

The club’s interior has a modern and stylish look, with cool furniture and well-designed elements that create the perfect atmosphere for a night out to be remembered forever. Upon your arrival at the rooftop terrace, the city skyline presents a breathtaking view, which brings a perfect ambiance for you to celebrate the night.

The Lounge & Club Levels at the club are designed to accommodate a wide range of crowds, with each level featuring a different music genre that will appeal to every kind of music listener. Whether hip-hip, house or R&B is your favourite, you will definitely find yourself dancing in no time. The house club’s very own DJs keep the party going till late with their mixes, thus makes the dance floor always rock with energy.

The VIP lounges, with their secret hideouts, are perfect for those who seek more than just the regular club experience. In here, you can have the chance to drink exotic cocktails and meet the trendiest people at the party. It is a world of wealth and luxury, where everything is shrouded in excitement and glamour.

Levels Club & Lounge is not just the best nightclub in Bangkok, but a destination, a place where people who seek to go beyond the conventional hang out spots can spend their night in an extraordinary environment. It would not be a surprise therefore that the upscale ambiance, the premier entertainment, and the breathtaking views of Levels Club & Lounge have made it a preferred venue for the elite in Bangkok. Thus, if you want to have a night full of fun in one of the city’s most popular club and lounge, just make yourself find it here.

3. Sing Sing Theatre:

Best Night Club in Bangkok is sing sing theatre - Travellfy

The Sing Sing Theatre is situated in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city centre, and it is unique because it can give its guests the feel of the glamorous era when theatres were the main source of entertainment. Influenced by the appeal of 1930s Shanghai, this interactive nightclub will provide an exotic adventure for all attendees, a journey that will fascinate the senses and spark the imagination.

Walking into Sing Sing Theatre, you find yourself right in the middle of a world of the elite and grandeur. The venue’s opulent décor, inspired by the bygone Chinese opera house, is a spectacular backdrop for a night of amazing shows.

The whole night, the guests are given an opportunity to experience unbelievable performances. From dancing miracles to the talented artists who perform acrobats and aerialists, the talent that is shown is really outstanding.

The variety of music at Sing Sing Theatre is as diverse as its ambiance, with DJs on rotation playing a blend of electronic, world, and classic hits. Either on the dance floor or in the cosy seating, the vibrant music and lively atmosphere will captivate you.

The Sing Sing Theatre isn’t merely a club with the best nightlife in Bangkok— it’s an in-depth journey to a different era and environment. Here you find the galaxy of dreams, and every minute is packed with thrill and glamour. For anyone who is in search of a break from the usual, Sing Sing Theatre is the place to be as it offers you an exciting and unforgettable night of adventures within Bangkok.

4. Onyx Bangkok:

Best Night Club in Bangkok Onyx Bangkok - Travellfy

Located right in the middle of Bangkok, Onyx Bangkok is the most powerful nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand out of all. Being one of the biggest nightclubs in the city, Onyx features a huge space that makes it open to the largest parties with never-to-be-forgotten evenings.

As soon as a guest walks into Onyx Bangkok, he or she is taken away by the grandness and the club’s refinement. The club’s minimalist design and futuristic architecture are what make it a symbol of luxury, and its innovative sound system and visual effects are what make it a feast for the senses.

The whole of the night, the internationally acclaimed DJs take to the decks, blasting the beats of their hearts out that keep the dance floor crowded till the early hours of the morning. On the other hand, Onyx has got music from EDM and house to hip-hop and pop to please the taste buds of every music lover.

However, Onyx Bangkok is a special place; it is an entire new sensory experience you can’t find anywhere else. The club’s interactive lighting program, dazzling LED screens, and mesmerizing visuals fuse together to produce a scene that is not only visually striking, but also mind-blowing.

If you’re looking to take your night out to the next level, Onyx has got you covered. VIP bottle service and exclusive seating areas are available to ensure you have an enjoyable evening and experience the VIP treatment. It is an excellent way to celebrate any special event or just go out for an evening of luxury and pleasure.

The Onyx Bangkok will always be noted for its splendid entertainment, the strongest design, and the most energetic atmosphere that will keep setting the standard for nightlife excellence in the city. Whether you’re an experienced clubber or you just want to go on a date, Onyx will be the place to be that will definitely be a memorable night for you. Hence, round up your friends, turn up the music, and enjoy the wonders of Onyx Bangkok for yourself.

5. Route66 Club:

Best Night Club in Bangkok is Route66 Club - Travellfy

Route66 Club is considered as the best nightclub in Bangkok for both the locals and the tourists. This venue is lively and offers a wide range of music down options, therefore it is the favourite place for people from all ages.

Walking through the doors of Route66 Club, you’re instantly struck by the buzz of a live band or a DJ — the starting point of a night full of endless entertainment. The club has numerous rooms with different styles and music types, which provides an opportunity for everyone to find their own place within it.

Whether it is about rock and pop or EDM and hip-hop, the Route66 Club gives you a wide range of musical acts which features a diversity of sounds and styles for various types of tastes and preferences. Regardless of your mood, whether it’s the urge to dance the night away or just to enjoy yourself with a few drinks, you’ll be given plenty of choice in terms of fun activities.

The club’s vibes and friendly staff means that guests feel at home and can enjoy themselves without any restrictions. Whether you are celebrating a significant event or simply want to have a good time with your buddies, Route66 Club makes sure that you will have an experience that you will never forget.

Those who wish to upgrade their night experience can take advantage of Route66 Club’s VIP packages and bottle service, which ensures that every guest enjoys VIP treatment. Luxury dining is an unmatched way to spice up your special night and give you moments you will forever cherish.

From having a wide variety of music, a lively atmosphere with great service, we can justifiably say that Route66 Club is still the one of the best night spots in Bangkok. Therefore, join your friends and enjoy the Route66 Club atmosphere, where the excitement is unlimited!


Bangkok’s nightlife is incomparable with its variety and vibrancy, and there are many dance clubs in Bangkok that fit every style and preference. Whether you’re into big-beat EDM, sensual R&B or an enchanting mix of world beats, there’s something for everyone in the city. The venue options in Bangkok vary from glamorous spots with spectacular light shows to low-key clubs with a mysterious atmosphere. Bangkok nightlife never disappoints. Thus, find the company of your friends, stroll the streets, and encounter all the nightlife that Bangkok has to offer.

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