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6 Best Things To Know About Travel To Thailand!

Travel to Thailand – the Land of Smiles is one of the most enticing places to visit for travellers across the globe.

With its breathtaking beaches, rich cultural heritage as well as indulgent cuisine, Thailand has become the hot spot of vacation destinations for travellers across the globe.

Travel to Thailand, A place where modernity meets tradition, Tradition has an array of experiences to offer all its travellers whether they seek adventure or a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.

To make your travel plans easier, we at will provide you with every knowledge that you need to have before you embark on your journey to Thailand.

So, this blog will be your one-stop guide to know all about Thailand including the best time to go to Thailand, scuba diving in Thailand, Thailand cruise, Thailand cuisine and spicy meal, the white temple of Thailand as well as Thailand as a honeymoon destination.

Best Time For Travel to Thailand

Travel to Thailand, For any vacation to be successful, it is imperative to visit the destination at the most accurate time to make the most of the vacation.

The ideal time to visit Thailand is given below and a traveller can choose the perfect time as per their preference –

Months Season Ideal For Festivals
Nov – Feb Cool & Dry Exploring the bustling markets, pristine beaches & ancient temples –        Loy Krathong

–        Yi Peng

March – June Hot & Dry Indulging in water activities & island hopping –        Songkran (Thai New Year)
July – Oct Rainy Exploring the lush landscapes for picturesque views –        Vegetarian Festival


Scuba Diving Thailand

Travel to Thailand, To divulge in the exuberant experience of scuba diving in Thailand, a traveller can visit any of the following destinations for the best experience –

Andaman Sea & Gulf Of Thailand

Travel to Thailand, The Andaman Sea & Gulf of Thailand provide varied locations in the surrounding islands like Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao that serve as ideal places for scuba diving with their crystal-clear water and diverse marine life.

A scuba diver can explore the stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life and mysterious underwater caves while diving in this region.

Similan Islands

Travel to Thailand, A diver can delve into the diver’s paradise at Similan Islands and encounter majestic marine life in the form of manta rays, dolphins as well as whale sharks.

Rich Dive Sites

The country of Thailand offers its tourists a diverse range of rich dive sites that cater to varied experience levels of the divers and offer a plethora of vibrant coral reefs and majestic shipwrecks.

Thailand Cruise

The top 2 Thailand cruises that enhance the vacation for Travel to Thailand –

Andaman Sea Cruises

Travel to Thailand, A traveller can opt for luxurious cruises through the Andaman Sea to satisfy the explorer in them.

They can explore hidden coves, emerald-green waters as well as limestone cliffs while sailing through the luxurious cruise experiencing the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation & rejuvenation as well as breathtaking picturesque scenery!

Chao Phraya River Cruise

Travel to Thailand, Gliding through Bangkok, this cruise provides travellers with a stunning view of the glittering city skyline as well as the historic landmarks that are illuminated during the night.

With a cruising time of around 2 hours, the cruise provides its customers with authentic Thai cuisine and live performances to make the most of their night and give their patrons everlasting memories!

White Temple Thailand

Travel to Thailand, Thailand is home to Wat Rong Khun – the White Temple which is a contemporary masterpiece situated near Chiang Rai.

The temple is symbolic of the dynamic meeting of traditional Thai architecture with an artistic vision that is modern.

It beholds intricate designs, murals and symbolic elements that depict an astounding fusion of Buddhist teachings, pop culture as well as global symbolism.

The cultural gem has been truly given an unconventional and unique touch by the artist namely Chalermchai Kositpipat.

Thai Cuisine And The Spicy Meal Thailand

The Thailand cuisine scene is filled with delectable surprises in the form of both regional delicacies as well as street food –

  • Regional Delicacies – The country serves a platter of diverse regional dishes which include fiery dishes in the North and seafood delicacies in the South. Must-eat local dishes include Khao Soi in Chiang Mai and Gaeng Som in the South.
  • Street Food – An authentic street food experience is offered to the traveller in the bustling and vibrant streets of the country with sizzling woks and aromatic spices. Must-eat Street food dishes include Grilled Satay Skewers, Mango Sticky Rice and Coconut Ice Cream.

Spicy Meal In Thailand

When we talk about the food scene in Thailand, one cannot go without mentioning the famous spicy meal of Thailand.

Some of the must-try spicy meal in Thailand includes –

  • Tom Yum Goong – Spicy shrimp soup
  • Green Curry – A blend of herbs, spices & coconut milk
  • Som Tum – Green papaya salad
  • Pad Thai – A delicacy of stir-fried noodles

Thailand Honeymoon

One of the most trending honeymoon destinations among young couples is Thailand – the Land of Smiles.

Some couples prefer romantic retreats surrounded by beautiful never-ending waters and never-to-forget sunset views for their honeymoon.

Couples can indulge in hot air balloon rides, cultural exploration and scuba diving as well as romantic cruises proving Thailand to be the perfect honeymoon destination for couples!


Travelling to Thailand is on the bucket list for many travellers.

With a diverse range of activities to extravaganza food fest as well as romantic quality time with your special someone – Thailand offers it all!

You can embark on the beautiful journey to Thailand while keeping in mind the above-mentioned content to make the most of your vacation!

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