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Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking is the best friend of an outdoor travel enthusiast! They can go places to complete the most beautiful or challenging trip to get that adrenaline rush and satisfy their adventurer streak.

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, a perfect hike or trek provides an unforgettable lifetime experience to the traveler.

This blog will guide you Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking through the various hiking and trekking trails of the country-continent Australia ranging from the Alps to the Larapinta Trail.

We will also explore the longest trek in Australia, easy multi-day hikes, the best hikes in Australia and hiking in Australia in July.

Here Is The Best Guide About Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking

Australian Alps

The mighty Australian Alps are the most famous mountain ranges down under. Nestled between the three states of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, they provide avid hikers and trekkers with a beautiful backdrop while completing the hike or trek.

The Australian Alps have something to offer for every category of trekkers. You can be a beginner or novice trekker or an avid and seasoned trekker, you can embark upon the Australian Alps trek at any time during your trekking journey.

The trekking journey through the Australian Alps becomes worthwhile owing to its challenging ascents, alpine meadows as well as stunning panoramic views offered on the trek.

Longest Trek In Australia

For a seasoned trekker, completing challenging treks is like a life mission. One such mission that a trekker can embark upon is the longest continuous trek in Australia – the Bibbulmun Track.

The ultimate challenge of completing this 620-mile track from Kalamunda (in Perth Hills) to Albany (on the south coast) is a dream challenge for avid trekkers.

Filled with a variety of landscapes from towering forests to coastal heathlands, this Australian trail entails a test of endurance for trekkers like no other terrain.

Larapinta Trail

Situated at the heart of the Red Centre, the Larapinta Trail is one of the most famous trekking trails in Australia.

Ideal for trekkers looking for adventures along with breathtaking landscapes, the Larapinta Trail stretches across a distance of 139 miles across the famous West McDonnell Ranges.

Promising an authentic outback experience, the Larapinta Trail includes rugged gorges as well as ancient Aboriginal rock art sites beautifully encapsulating the entire wilderness of Australia in one region.

Easy Multi-Day Hikes In Australia

Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking, Hikers can either be seasoned or novices. The land down under – Australia has a range of offerings for both these types of hikers to fulfill their love of hiking.

Where seasoned or avid hikers do not take a lot of time to cover long stretches and can walk for miles on a stretch, the task becomes a little difficult for people just beginning their hiking journey.

As a result, multi-day hikes help novice hikers build up their stamina and endurance to become seasoned hikers.

Multi-day hikes mean completing a hiking trail in more than 1 day – could be weeks or months – while camping along the trekking route.

Australia offers one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the form of the Overland Track in Tasmania.

The track offers hikers a relatively easy yet rewarding journey through ancient rainforests, glacial lakes as well as alpine meadows.

Hikers can enjoy the stunning wilderness of Tasmania while completing this beautiful trail filled with well-maintained paths and comfortable huts along the way while completing their multi-day hike.

Best Hikes In Australia

Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking, Australia serves as a heaven for hikers and trekkers. Serving hiking options to novices and seasoned hikers alike, nothing matches the beautiful and scenic landscapes of the land down under.

In addition to the beautiful trek of the Australian Alps as well as the Larapinta Trail, Australia is also home to a very diverse range of small and big treks fulfilling the hiking desire of adventurers.

With awe-inspiring moments at every turn of the hike, the best hikes in Australia offer something for every traveller – whether you are looking to chase waterfalls or coastal cliffs.

Two of the best hikes in Australia are –

  • Great Ocean Walk, Victoria – This hike is on the bucket list of every seasoned hiker looking to hike across the world! The hike through the Great Ocean Walk offers the hiker stunning coastal views of the breathtaking and iconic Twelve Apostles.
  •  Blue Mountain, New South Wales – This hike is a nature lover’s paradise with different offerings at every corner ranging from unique rock formations, eucalyptus-filled valleys and waterfalls.

Hiking In Australia In July

Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking, While the entire Northern Hemisphere is sweating their way in July, Australia witnesses the peak and heart of their winters offering a whole new world of hiking and trekking to outdoor travel enthusiasts.

With novice hikers shying away from the hiking experience in the cold winters, seasoned hikers make the best use of the magical, unique and breathtaking (literally) experience of hiking in the winter cold in Australia.

Hiking in Australia in July offers the hikers a different perspective and a unique way to reflect and see hiking as against the summer trails in the country.

One of the best trails for hiking in Australia in July is the Grampian Peaks Trail in Victoria which converts into a winter wonderland during July in Australia. The hikers experience crisp winter air and get to see the exceptional view of frost-covered landscapes.


Best Places In Australia For Hiking And Trekking, Australia is considered to be the wonderland of hiking and trekking and completely satisfies the wanderlust adventurer in you!

With varied terrains and stretches across various hiking and trekking trails, the continent country has something in store for each adventurer.

So, get your trekking gear and hiking boots and visit Australia for the hiking experience of a lifetime!

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