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Best International Destinations To Celebrate New Year – Travellfy

Best International Destinations To Celebrate New Year – Travellfy, New Year – the last day of the year, the final page of the calendar is celebrated with extreme excitement and vigour across the world!

With people ready to bid adieu to the old year and welcome the new year with welcoming and open arms, it is extremely important to choose the perfect destination and people to celebrate the new year!

We at are here to guide you to the best international destinations to jet off your new year with an amazing start!

This blog will help you explore the best international destinations to celebrate New Year‘s Eve according to your personal preferences – be it with family, at the best New Year’s Eve destination, watching the fireworks of Shibuya, the Pink Street Lisbon, or just the best places to go for New Year!

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year With Family

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, For people looking to spend their New Year with their family at international destinations, here are the top 2 international places to visit on New Year with family –

  • Disneyland, Paris – For individuals looking for a magical family New Year at an international destination, there is no better place than Disneyland, Paris. Filled with enchantment and wonder, the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle at the place transforms into a spectacle of lights at the stroke of the midnight hour which is then followed by grand firework celebrations. Additionally, special New Year parades and events are also hosted at Disneyland, Paris to make the New Year amazing for all its patrons irrespective of their ages!
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh is known for its famous Hogmanay celebration on New Year’s Eve. In light of family-friendly festivities, the entire family gets to join the torchlight procession that is taken out on historic streets with live musical performances as well as the spectacular fireworks over the iconic Edinburgh Castle. Additionally, to add an adventurous twist to the New Year, the adventure of Loony Dook takes place wherein the brave-hearted people take a dip into the chilling water of the Firth of Forth.

The Best New Year’s Eve Destination

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, Even though New Year’s Eve is made better with the people accompanying you, if you are at the ultimate New Year’s Eve destination, it cannot get better than that!

Consistently topping the charts to be the World’s Best New Year’s Destination is Sydney, Australia.

Known for its iconic harbour, over-the-top spectacular fireworks as well as being one of the first major cities to welcome the New Year, Sydney offers all individuals an amazing New Year’s Eve experience.

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, Every year, Sydney dazzles its spectators with an amazing and breathtaking display of two of its most iconic places – the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House!

Irrespective of whether you are celebrating New Year’s Eve on the waterpoint or a harbour cruise, you are bound to experience an unparalleled view of grandeur and spectacle!

Fireworks Of Shibuya

New Year’s Eve celebrations keep in alignment with the perfect blend of tradition and modernity that is dynamically present in Tokyo, Japan.

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, The famous Shibuya Crossing in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan is filled to the helm by spectators counting the countdown to midnight with great passion and enthusiasm!

As the midnight stroke strikes, the entire area comes alive with glorious fireworks and an enchanting spectacle from the Tokyo Tower and nearby skyscrapers harmonizing with the dynamic energy of the place!

Pink Street, Lisbon

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, Portugal’s Lisbon Pink Street is world-renowned for its lively nightlife on every day of the year.

Lisbon’s Pink Street metamorphoses into a chic and elegant party on the night of New Year’s Eve.

To make the most of the festivities, individuals must join the locals for the eclectic celebrations.

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, As the clock strikes midnight, a kaleidoscope of colours can be seen over the Tahus River due to the exhibition of amazing fireworks which result in the vibrant glowing of the city below it!

The stylish New Year’s Eve celebration is topped by the amazing hospitality and atmosphere of Lisbon!

Best Places To Go For New Year

International Destinations To Celebrate New Year, The best 2 places to go for New Year’s Eve after Sydney to capitalize on this calendar end and enjoy the most are –

  • New York City, USA – Everybody knows that the New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square is the most iconic of all times and our list of best places to go for New Year would not be complete without it! A bucket-list experience for many, the iconic ball drop as the clock chimes 12 symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter! With live performances, confetti in the air and thousands of people, it truly is the most electric and true spirit of celebration!
  • Reykjavik, Iceland – Everyone today is fascinated by the Green Northern Lights! So, what can be a better place to celebrate New Year than a place that provides a fusion of the Northern Lights and fireworks, making your new year truly magical! The fireworks provide an extraordinary view of Iceland’s picturesque landscapes. Once the countdown is done and the New Year begins, locals light up the traditional bonfire to symbolize the cleaning of the old year.


It is important to remember that the new year brings in new beginnings!

So, with the New Year so close, pack up your bags, grab in your loved ones and travel to these iconic and best international destinations to celebrate New Year to make the transition a remarkable and unforgettable one!

And we at wish you a Happy New Year and the most exceptional New Year dawn you have ever seen!

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