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Christmas – The Best 5 Things To Know!

Christmas – the most magical time of the year approaches us as soon as December hits us!

Considered to be the most celebrated holiday season across the world, Christmas has gained popularity across all ages, religions, communities and countries.

With the streets illuminated with twinkling lights and the melodies of Christmas carols as well as the air filled with the sweet aromas of cinnamon and pine, everyone is enchanted with the festival of Christmas.

We at aim to provide you with the traditions and stories of Christmas by delving into the answers to popular questions like what Christmas means, where Christmas comes from, how Christmas started, why and how Christmas is celebrated and why the Christmas tree is put up.


What Christmas Means?

Beyond Christmas gifts and the Christmas decorations adorning the streets, Christmas also has other meanings including its spirit of giving as well as its festive spirit.


Spirit Of Giving

The core and soul of Christmas embodies the spirit of giving. Santa Claus the icon synonymous with Christmas imbibes this spirit perfectly by giving people presents without expecting anything in return.

During the Christmas season, people indulge in the spirit of giving in various forms like sharing meals with their friends, family and neighbours, donating to a charity or even volunteering time for social services or communities.

All these activities epitomize the spirit of giving that is greatly associated with Christmas.


Festive Spirit

Transcending all boundaries, Christmas brings with it an enchanting festive spirit with twinkling lights, cheerful music as well as festive decorations.

The festival symbolizes the festive spirit of celebration, hope and joy where people come together embodying the spirit of unity and camaraderie.


Where Christmas Comes From?

According to Roman history, Christmas traditions date back to as early as the 4th century. Romans and other European countries are said to have celebrated Christmas on 25th December every year marking the end of harvest as well as the winter solstice.

Over the years, the global approach and the diverse culture of the Christmas celebrations are as follows –


Global Tapestry

Even though Christmas is considered to have its roots in Christianity, it is still celebrated with the same vigour and joy across all religions in the entire world.

The global mosaic of the Christmas festivities has been enriched with the contributions of unique cultural customs from around the world.


Diverse Celebrations

The canvas of Christmas festivities is painted by the unique traditions of each culture and country.

The Christmas celebrations range from the customary Christian celebrations, to the Posadas in Mexico and even to the Feast of Seven Fishes in Italy.


How Christmas Started?

The journey of Christmas can be bifurcated into two main categories namely Ancient Beginnings and Christian Evolution.


Ancient Beginnings

As stated earlier, the beginning or inception of Christmas dates back to ancient pagan winter festivals where festive celebrations were done by revelers to mark the winter solstice (the shortest day & longest night of the year).

Additionally, Christmas also attributes its birth to the Roman festival of Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to the planet of Saturn.


Christian Evolution

When the ancient festive celebrations aligned with the Christian adoption of Christmas, the birth of Christmas as we know it today came into being.

The Christian adoption of Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ leading to enriching religious and cultural significance.


How Christmas Is Celebrated?

The celebratory traditions of Christmas are different in different parts of the world but the essence of the entire festival is similar across all countries.

Feast Of Joy

Christmas is synonymous with a jubilant celebration that is done with your near and dear ones.

A celebratory feast is prepared having delectable desserts, roasted turkey and even ham that sets a tone of festive abundance in the ambiance.


Gift-Giving Tradition

A token of love and generosity, Christmas gifts complete the entire tradition of Christmas worldwide.

The tradition of gift-giving during Christmas is rooted in the event when the Magi offered baby Jesus gifts symbolizing the noble concept of giving and sharing


Symphony Of Decorations

Christmas decorations add a sense of enchanting celebratory vibe to the entire surrounding adding to the festive spirit.

With dazzling lights, ornaments and life-size decorations to majestic and well-decorated Christmas trees, walking on the street is a visual to behold during the holiday season!


Why Christmas Tree Is Put Up?

The putting up of a Christmas tree is inspired by two important traditions namely Symbolic Tradition and Tannenbaum Tradition.


Symbolic Tradition

The origin of the tradition of Christmas decorating goes back to medieval Germany where the winter dormancy was broken by the symbol of life brought through evergreen trees.

Initially decorated with apples, candles as well as ornaments, the evergreen or Christmas trees have become a symbol of festivities and joy!


Tannenbaum Tradition

The widespread recognition and popularity of the Christmas tree happened owing to the illustration of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with a decorated Christmas tree.

In the day and age today, the Christmas tree is symbolic of renewal, life and the festive spirit of the entire winter and holiday season!



With Christmas being synonymous with joy, celebration, holidays and an enthralling sense of festivities, it is amongst the favourite festival of people of all ages and countries.

So, we at wish you a Merry Christmas for this and all the years ahead and a Happy New Year filled with joy, laughs and celebrations!

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