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A New Years Resolution – Top 8 Things To Know!

A New Years Resolution is a part of almost every New Year tradition worldwide.

With the onset of new beginnings, people plan to transform into a better version of themselves after reflecting on the year that has gone by.

Setting goals for personal and professional growth helps an individual to set a vision for their future self to meet their long-term goals.

A global tradition that is followed by most of the population across all ages and countries, the New Years Resolution has become an annual ritual associated with the New Year.

In this blog, we will explore the various things one must know about this before making them.

What Is A New Year’s Resolution?

At the beginning of a New Year people make New Years Resolution that may pertain to their personal or professional life.

These resolutions cater to the self-improvement or personal development goals of an individual and may include areas like career, health, personal habits and relationships.

With the help of resolutions, an individual may make positive adjustments to their lifestyle while embracing change.

Who MadeNew Year’s Resolution?

The first incidents of a  can be traced back to ancient Babylon around 4000 years ago when they celebrated the festival of Akitu as New Year.

During the festival, the people would pray to their gods and make promises to pay off all their debt and return all the borrowed items.

Over time various cultures and religions adopted the same tradition in varied forms leading to the birth of the New Years Resolution as we know it today!

Why Do People Make New Years Resolution?

Every human being aspires to be a perfect version of themselves. The concept of New Years Resolution is based on the human desire to self-improve regularly.

As the New Year symbolizes a fresh slate, people are motivated to reflect on their lives and set up the path for positive changes in themselves.

With New Year’s Resolution individuals tend to foster a sense of purpose and direction as with this articulation of one’s goals and aspirations become structured and realistic as well as achievable.

How To Make New Year’s Resolution?

When a person is trying to self-improve, they need to sit down and have a thoughtful planning process to craft out their New Years Resolution.

It is always advisable to start with resolutions that are specific, achievable and realistic that align with your values and priorities.

One method to set goals is to make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) resolutions.

To make resolutions that meet your long-term growth, it is important to break your long-term goals into short-term achievable goals. These goals need to be actionable which will help you create a roadmap for your success.

How To Keep New Year’s Resolution?

Keeping and maintaining a New Year’s Resolution requires a lot of commitment, accountability and adaptability. It sometimes even requires support and encouragement from your close friends and family members.

To ensure that you are keeping up with your New Years Resolution, you should keep regular track of your progress and to help you stay motivated you should celebrate your small victories.

If you face a setback in meeting your resolutions, you should see them as learning opportunities and adjust your approach as required.

The likelihood of successful resolutions is highly increased if you establish routines, seek mentorship and stay mindful of the resolution that you have made.

How Many New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Even though every individual wants to succeed in their, only some people meet their resolution for an entire year.

Some studies and research suggest that around 80 percent of New Years resolutions end by mid-February.

The main reason for such a high rate of failure to keep a resolution is the challenge that most individuals face in maintaining long-term behavioural changes.

Why New Year’s Resolution Fail? Are New Year’s Resolution Effective?

Even though it is probable to complete your New Years Resolution with realistic goals, mindfulness and a continuous commitment to improvement, 80% of the resolutions fail.

Some of the major reasons –

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of a detailed plan
  • Insufficient motivation
  • Societal pressure
  • Misconception to start the New Year’s Resolution on the 1st of January itself.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas!

With the New Year just around the corner and everyone looking to make New Year’s Resolution but lack the ideas or vision to make the perfect resolution, here are some ideas.

Health & Fitness Personal Growth Relationships Career
Carry out a regular exercise routine. Learn a new skill/hobby. Allocate dedicated time for your family and friends. Set career milestones and work to meet those goals.
Follow and eat a balanced & nutritious diet. Read books throughout the year. Set a target number for the entire year or every month. Improve communication skills. Enhance your professional skills. This can be done with the help of courses or workshops.
Prioritize meditation. You can do this by meditation or mindful practices. Take up a challenging project. It can be on your personal or professional front. Regularly express gratitude. Foster work relationships that are positive.



A New Year’s Resolution sets a target for an individual to focus on the entire year.

Successful resolutions have the power to transform the individual into a better version of themselves.

So, we at wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best so that this year you have a successful New Years Resolution!


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