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Lakshadweep: 7 Best Things To Know About – Tripsonwheels

Lakshadweep islands of India are nestled in the tranquil and azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

Considered to be a hidden gem, Lakshadweep is yet to be completely explored and exploited by travel enthusiasts from across the world.

The island is a combination of 36 islands that are known for their beautiful beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs and amazing marine life.

This blog will help you explore the Lakshadweep islands of India and understand why it is one of the must-visit places in the entire world.

Where Lakshadweep Is Located?

Lakshadweep is a union territory of India that is located off its southwestern coast.

The island known for its lagoons is approximately 220 to 440 kilometers off Kerala’s coast and is spread across 32 square kilometers of the Arabian Sea.

How To Reach Lakshadweep?

Tourists can reach Lakshadweep by a combination of both air and sea travel.

You will have to first reach the Kochi airport in Kerala which is the closest mainland airport to Lakshadweep. Then, you will have to take a flight to the only tourist airport at Lakshadweep in Agatti.

Alternatively, you can also access the various islands in Lakshadweep through ships and ferries that are available from Kochi.

Lakshadweep Cruise

Another form of luxurious transportation to Lakshadweep is the Lakshadweep Cruise which offers a journey to the tourist that is both relaxing and adorned with scenic beauty.

The Lakshadweep Cruise commences from Kochi which provides a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea which has stopovers at various islands in the cluster of Lakshadweep islands of India.

This mode of transportation provides mesmerizing picturesque landscapes to the tourists satisfying the wanderlust in them!

Lakshadweep Tourist Guide

Lakshadweep is still considered to be an untouched gem that has breathtaking views and beauty that helps tourists escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Some of the major and tranquil islands in the Lakshadweep islands of India include Agatti, Kavaratti, Kadmat and Bangaram.

Every island is unique in its own way offering an exotic charm to tourists with different preferences and interests that may range from enthusiasm for water sports to the need for a relaxation time spent on the beaches.

Lakshadweep – What To Do? Activities To Pursue!

Lakshadweep offers a plethora of activities that cater to a diverse range of tourists across the world.

Some of the things to do and activities to pursue in Lakshadweep include –

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

A trip to Lakshadweep is incomplete without witnessing the vibrant coral reefs of the island as well as the unique marine life that the island offers through the crystal clear and azure waters of the island.

Island Hopping

Tourists must explore the diverse islands in the cluster of the 36 islands of Lakshadweep to experience a unique cultural experience as well as the natural beauty of the beautiful gem of India.

Water Sports

Adventure sports enthusiasts experience a paradise in the Lakshadweep islands of India as the island offers an array of diverse water sports ranging from kayaking to windsurfing to even deep-sea fishing.

Cultural Exploration

Tourists can indulge in gathering cultural experience of a lifetime by visiting the traditional villages, looking at cultural dance performances and feasting on the authentic island cuisine.

Nature Trails

Lakshadweep is filled with exotic flora and fauna and lush greenery that tourists can explore while taking a nature trail through the island.

Relaxation On Pristine Beaches

Tourists can relax on the beautiful untouched beaches on the island while basking in the sun and enjoying the calming surroundings and breathtaking views that Lakshadweep has to offer.

Lakshadweep Tourism

Currently, after a fall-off with the government officials of the Maldives, the Lakshadweep islands of India have seen a sudden surge in tourists as the same is being promoted by various celebrities and dignitaries of India.

Lakshadweep islands of India have become a hot & trending vacation destination for tourists from across the globe and from various walks of life.

As the island is exclusive due to its limited accessibility and eco-friendly tourism, it is becoming a perfect getaway destination for tourists while being socially responsible to protect its delicate ecosystem.

Lakshadweep Cost For Two

Lakshadweep offers a luxurious escape to the pristine beaches that the island has to offer and therefore people planning a trip to the island need to account for their budget accordingly.

On average, the cost of two people for a 7-day trip to Lakshadweep can range anywhere between INR 30,000 to INR 60,000.

This budget will include accommodations, activities as well as meals for the two people.


An unexplored gem, the Lakshadweep islands of India are an untapped scenic paradise that is adorned with the perfect mix of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Travelling to Lakshadweep would lead to an experience of a lifetime for all tourists taking a trip to the island!


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