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Singapore – 6 Best Aspects To Know!

Singapore, an island nation is located in Southeast Asia and offers a unique and perfect mix of traditions and modernity.

The place is an ideal holiday destination for travellers who are looking for a dynamic vacation as well as an experience that is culturally rich.

This blog will help you explore Singapore which is considered to be a cosmopolitan city always crowded with tourists to ensure that you get the best experience when you visit the city.


Things To Do In Singapore

When visiting Singapore, you can divulge into doing the following things –


Gardens By The Bay

The city is adorned by the futuristic Gardens By the Bay which is home to the spectacular Cloud Forest as well as the magnificent Supertree Grove.

The amalgamation of modern and cutting-edge architecture with the beauty of nature creates an unreal environment in the Gardens By the Bay.


Sentosa Island

If you are visiting Singapore, you must visit the Sentosa island especially if you are a thrill seeker.

The island is home to the epic Universal Studios, the exciting Adventure Cove Waterpark as well as numerous tranquil and serene beaches offering the travellers opportunities to relax as well as have fun.


Chinatown And Little India

To understand and divulge oneself in the rich culture of Southeast Asia Island, one must take a walk in the vibrant and energetic streets of Chinatown as well as Little India.

Once you stroll through these streets that have electric energy, you can indulge yourself in the local street food and absorb the rich culture as well as the history of the city.


Singapore Zoo And Night Safari

You can opt to visit the Singapore Zoo during the daytime to have an amazing encounter with the wildlife present in the zoo.

During the night-time, you can embark on an exciting safari that will provide you with a nocturnal adventure with the wildlife.


What To Eat In Singapore?

To fill up your appetite, you can indulge in the following food items –


Hawker Centres

The hawker centres of Singapore are considered to be food heaven for all food enthusiasts.

Two of the most famous hawker centres include the Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Complex.

To have the best food, you can divulge in the local delights like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa.


Chilli Crab At Jumbo Seafood

Your trip to Singapore can never be considered complete if you do not try the most famous Chilli Crab.

The renowned Chilli Crab is available at the Jumbo Seafood where you can have the famous delicacy by the waterfront.


Peranakan Delights

You can explore a unique cuisine known as Nyonya cuisine which is a fusion of Malay and Chinese flavours.

This cuisine can be found in various restaurants like Blue Ginger where you can experience the culinary delight of Nyonya cuisine.


Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is home to many attractions and some of them are –


Marina Bay Sands

One of the most famous attractions, the iconic Marina Bay Sands is known for its avant-garde architecture and mesmerizing infinity pool.

The skyline of Singapore is defined by this majestic integrated resort offering travellers a spectacular visual experience!


Merlion Park

You can capture the beautiful cityscape views at Merlion Park with the mythical Merlion.

The place is an iconic symbol and therefore becomes a must-visit place for its panoramic vistas as well as historical significance.


National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore is home to some of the most impressive art from Southeast Asia making it a must-visit place for art enthusiasts.

When you visit this art gallery you divulge into some of the most vibrant art scenes as well as cultural heritage of the city.


Best Stays In Singapore

Three of the best stays in Singapore are –


Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands offers a lavish experience to all its patrons offering unique and unparalleled views as well as opulent amenities.


The Raffles Hotel

The heart of the city is home to a colonial grandeur in the form of the Raffles Hotel.

You get to immerse yourself in an era that is long bygone while enjoying all the comforts that are modern.


Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel

The Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel is centrally located in the city providing its patrons with a comfortable stay providing easy access to various dining as well as shopping options.


Cost For Two In Singapore

The average cost for two in Singapore is given below –

Cost Head Cost
Accommodation Depending on the type of accommodation, the per-night charge can vary from $150 to $500.
Meals The cost of one meal at a mid-range restaurant can range between $80 to $150.
Activities and Transportation On average the cost for two per day for visiting various attractions and indulging in activities ranges between $150 to $200.



Singapore is an amazing destination for travellers to explore and indulge in the rich cultural delights of the city.

A perfect destination to unwind, Singapore should be on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast!

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