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Best Places to Visit in Dubai – the exceptional jewel of the entire Middle East is popularly known by many names like the City of Gold, the Gulf Tiger as well as the Venice of the Gulf.

Over the years, Dubai has become the trendiest spot for vacation for travellers.

Dubai is filled with huge city skyscrapers, must-see attractions, and commendable hidden gems to completely satisfy the wanderlust of the traveller visiting the city!

The perfect amalgamation of modernity and tradition can be seen in the city which offers a range of activities and adventures for every traveller based on their preference.

With a plethora of attractions and spots to visit, it becomes difficult for an individual to plan their trip efficiently and effectively.

Therefore, we at offer you an exquisite Travel Guide to Dubai through this blog while focusing on the various attractions and spots to visit in Dubai as well as the cost of a Dubai trip.

Here is the best guide about Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai Vacation

Best Places to Visit in Dubai, For travellers going on a Dubai vacation, the top 6 must-visit spots are –

Burj Khalifa

If you are travelling to Dubai, you must Best Places to Visit in Dubai – The Burj Khalifa!

With 163 floors, the architectural marvel soars through the clouds and offers visitors a panoramic view of the entire city.

If you plan your day and happen to view the sunset from the top of Burj Khalifa, you can see the entire city transform into a mesmerizing wonderland!

The Palm Jumeirah

Next Best Places to Visit in Dubai,  is Palm Jumeirah.

Shaped in the form of a palm tree when viewed from above, the area is filled with resorts that offer travellers the finest luxury like Atlantis and The Palm. Additionally, travellers can also gain access to the Aquaventure Waterpark when visiting The Palm Jumeirah.

Travellers can indulge in strolling along the crescent or just relaxing on the stunning beaches gathering memories for their holiday!

Al Fahidi

If you as a traveller are interested in traditional architecture, you must visit this best places to visit in dubai – the Al Fahidi Historic District.

The district is home to numerous traditional Arabian architectures, museums and art galleries and provides insights into the city of Dubai so you can understand it in a better manner.

You can explore the narrow lanes of the district while uncovering and soaking in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Dubai Marina

Best Places to Visit in Dubai, While strolling along the famous Dubai Marina Walk, a traveller can observe futuristic skyscrapers and luxurious yachts.

The area is perfect for leisurely spending your evening while walking, taking in the city and its vibrant atmosphere as well as dining from the plethora of dining options available alongside the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Mall

Next Best Places to Visit in Dubai For shopaholics, the Dubai Mall is heaven on Earth without which each trip to Dubai remains incomplete.

People visiting the Dubai Mall, do not just explore the various shopping avenues but also get to witness the glorious Dubai Fountain Show as well as the underwater marvel of the Dubai Aquarium.

Global Village

For people travelling to Dubai in winter months, the Global Village is a must-visit place.

Celebrating the cultural diversity of Dubai, the entire Global Village represents various countries on the pavilions providing a unique experience of both shopping and dining to the travellers.

Visitors to the Global Village can enjoy live performances while making lasting memories for their holiday!

Trip To Dubai

For travellers taking a trip to Dubai, we at offer the top 3 activities to do to make the most of your vacation –

Desert Safari

As Dubai is the land of dunes, Desert Safari is a must-do activity for all travellers.

The traveller does not only get to enjoy the Desert Safari, they can also ride the dune baggies and experience driving in the dunes firsthand.

Additionally, tourists can also enjoy camel rides and see the breathtaking view of the sunset over the vast sand dunes.

Further, travellers can also indulge in traditional Arabian feasts under the star-lit sky to top off the entire Desert Safari experience.

Skiing In The Desert

Situated in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort which provides a surreal experience to the traveller.

A traveller can completely waive off the desert heat by entering this artificial winter wonderland where they can ski off snowy slopes as well as play with penguins.

For travellers looking to beat the heat of Dubai, this is the perfect spot!

Aquatic Thrills

Travellers can visit the Wild Wadi Waterpark to have a day of water-based fun that is filled with amazing water rides and attractions.

Ideal for travellers with families or those looking for adventure, the water park adds a dash of childhood nostalgia to the minds of the traveller!

How Much Does A Trip To Dubai Cost?

Best Places to Visit in Dubai, On average, a two-week trip to Dubai will cost around $3473 for an individual and around $6945 for a couple or two people.

The major costs of the trip can be bifurcated under various heads like –

  • Accommodation
  • Dining
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees & Excursions
  • Shopping


Over the years, Dubai has transformed itself into a city of innovation and futuristic views.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai, With technology advancements at the peak, Dubai may actually become one of the first future cities of the world.

So, to experience Dubai in all its magnificence before it drastically transforms, take a visit to Dubai and do not forget to visit the places and do the activities mentioned above!

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