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Adventure Travel destinations for Women 2024

One of the main worries for an adventure travel destination for Women 2024 is safety, particularly if this is your first time going alone.

Travelling alone has several advantages, especially for women. The urge to travel alone is increasing, which is not unexpected considering the numerous benefits of solo travel, including a sense of success, being empowered, and exploring new places.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and travelling alone can be extremely enjoyable, but it requires planning to make sure that the destination you’ve chosen is secure, welcoming, and satisfying in the same ways.

To help you get your planning started, we’ve put together a list of the best places for single women to go on vacation. Therefore, below are just some of the Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 throughout the globe that every female must visit and explore: 

11 Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 

Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain | Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Travellfy

If you’re a single woman travelling, Madrid is a great place. It is safest to travel alone in Spain most of the time. If you look just at women, the crime rate is not that high. Here, there are a multitude of activities to keep you from becoming bored. The industry of food and beverage products is also remarkable. You should definitely check out a few of the food markets, such Mercado de San Miguel. If you’re bored, a nice tapas crawl tour is a terrific way to kill time. Another great advantage is meeting strangers along the way.

Unsurprisingly, Madrid ranks well among the best locations for Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 


Iceland | Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Travellfy

Solo female travellers love Iceland for its small size, welcoming people, and breathtaking scenery. Furthermore, Iceland is ranked top overall in the recently released Global Peace Index, which shows it to be the safest country in the world. Going on a 10-hour day trip to the South Coast with a bunch of strangers and not making any friends throughout the journey is nearly impossible. Because Iceland is less populated than other nations, the accommodations there feel more comfortable and more personalised. People greet each other, actually know your name, and strike up a lengthy discussion.

In both small hostels and luxurious hotels, you can expect a warm greeting and a comfortable bed. Think about travelling to Norway, Sweden, and Finland, or any other future Scandinavian country, for a longer trip. Superb safety, a gender-neutral culture, amazing city escapes, and breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings — What’s not to like? 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Singapore | Travellfy

Singapore is one of the best countries for female travellers to visit alone. Even while it might be more expensive, it is surely affordable. You may read our earlier blog post to learn how, when travelling alone, you can make passive income too

First of all, I saved the most money on a hotel, which is often somewhat expensive. Similar to hostels, trendy capsule hotels can be found all across Singapore, where you may close your pod for a more personal experience. In Singapore, I’ve never felt afraid since everyone is so kind. Eating at one of the many Hawker Centres is just one of the many fun things you can do here on your own. These food carts are located all across Singapore and provide delicious, reasonably priced street cuisine. You might also visit the Gardens by the Bay to view all the lovely plants, trees, and flowers on display. I even succeeded in capturing this beautiful picture at Fort Canning Park by myself. 

People wait in line to visit this popular Instagram spot.


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Slovenia | Travellfy

The little country of Slovenia, which is bordered by Austria and Italy, is well-known for its enchanted forests and monasteries, straight out of old-world fairy tales. Whether you’re looking for a breath of fresh air near Lake Bled or a taste of classic European charm in Ljubljana, Slovenia provides everything you need in a place that’s excellent for travelling alone.

Slovenia is the seventh safest country in the world. For guests to enjoy independently, its charming streets offer a stress-free walk. About 80% of women in this area say they feel safe enough to go shopping alone after dark. Traveller Claire Ramsdell, who was travelling alone, actually told the BBC that she felt very comfortable exploring Ljubljana’s metropolis and practising night photography. 

Slovenians are not only beautiful people, though. It is also a popular adventure travel destination for Women in 2024 travelling alone, according to a recent BBC report. 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Japan | Travellfy

Japan has always been a favourite destination for all kinds of travellers. However, Japanese culture encourages people to travel alone by nature, which makes it perfect for female travellers who are doing it alone.

In most restaurants, single diners can find separate tables and service stations. The majority of other tourists will likewise be travelling alone, therefore it is rare to find a single person  for sightseeing opportunities. There are accomodation options designed especially for singles, ranging from classic ryokans to pod motels. 

Traveling alone, women no longer have to worry about their safety because to this geographical location. Japan is rated third in Asia and ninth overall for safety according to the Global Peace Index. There have also been rumours that the country that is safest for single travellers was just chosen.

Women-only vehicles are a regular element of Japanese subterranean networks, and they are encouraged for use by lone female passengers who are concerned about chikan, or grabbing and upskirting on trains and buses. Look for the huge pink label that says “English” and “Japanese” on the train station. If you need help when travelling, the extremely polite people of Japan will be ready to lend a hand. On her first solo journey,a BBC reporter became lost in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. Some local ladies even helped her find her train platform on the opposite side of the station and made sure  purchasing  beverages for the journey! 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Albania | Travellfy

Are you going alone? This well-liked spot in the Balkans is a great choice for female travellers. Like many female solo travellers, we can’t wait to visit and perhaps live in Albania once more!

Some visitors may refer to Albania as “budget Greece” after visiting the moderately priced, beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera, but it is much more than that. A hub for digital nomads, Albania is home to ancient hillside communities and is one of the most fascinating and diverse nations in the area. Because Albania is not a part of the Schengen region, visitors from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are able to stay there for significantly longer than they may in other European nations. U.S. citizens are allowed a one-year visa-free stay, making it an excellent choice for solo women who are slow travellers.

Above all, Albanians are renowned for their exceptional hospitality. Single people will meet kind people and helpful hands all around this lovely country. 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Argentina | Travellfy

Latin America sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to solo travel safety. Despite the fact that some of the most dangerous cities in the world are located here, Latin America is not a standard continent. Safety and culture are two areas where countries differ widely.

Argentina stands out as the third safest country in Latin America and one of the few that has seen improvements in safety over time, according to the Global Peace Index. Argentina is comparable to the US, yet it is still 60 ranks higher and 24% safe. 

For the past 14 years, Trisha Velarmino has been travelling alone and seeing the world. She decided to go to Argentina since she is so in love with the country. Like many others, she was drawn to Argentina by its wide variety of cultures, superb food and wine, and overall safety.  

In Argentina, you don’t need to be concerned about your safety,” she says. “This is a very welcoming country for tourists.” We can confidently say that single female guests will not get bored in this area. Whether you’re trekking in Patagonia, learning to tango in Buenos Aires, or tasting world-class wine in Mendoza, an Argentine holiday will definitely be filled with amazing solo adventures. 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Ireland | Travellfy

It’s no secret that Irish people love to host. Experience a refreshing pint of Guinness and a kind greeting at this pub, which is great for single people.

According to one Irish tour operator, “whether you’re in a group or on your own, new faces from out of town are always welcome.” This makes Ireland an ideal destination for independent travellers. All you have to do is sit down at the bar and enjoy the festivities. Traveller Rhonda said – she never felt lonely throughout her long holiday in Ireland. It was easy to start a conversation with a stranger since people there were always ready to talk, even if you were an introvert.

She found that most day tours in Ireland are intended for solo travellers, which makes it easier than ever to explore and meet other travellers who share your interests. Women visiting Ireland alone might experience peace and wonderful companionship. The travel app Bounce ranked Ireland the most secure place for women to travel alone last year. Ireland is ranked third in the world for safety according to the Global Peace Index. In this area, 70% of women feel secure going on solo walks, and crime rates are quite low.

Ireland was the first destination I visited on my very first solo trip. My first night in Dublin gave me the travel itch for alone. Nothing is better for a first-time solo traveller.


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Croatia | Travellfy |

A relaxed, secure, and scenic location in Europe?

Yes, please!

Croatia’s excellent tourism infrastructure, vibrant backpacker communities, and laid-back way of life have made it a popular destination for single female travellers like us. Croatia is among the top 20 safest nations in the world according to the Global Peace Index, and it is one of the best places in the world for single women travellers according to Culture Trip and Mediterranean Traveller.

My one-time trip to the affordable and friendly capital of Zagreb was my favourite place to visit. 


Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Malaysia | Travellfy

Malaysia is a beautiful country between Thailand and Indonesia that is sometimes ignored. Because of its perfect mix of affordability, security, global city convenience, and sandy beaches, this Southeast Asian destination is perfect for single women travellers.

If you’re a single traveller looking for a modern city break in Kuala Lumpur, a beach vacation in Langkawi, or a taste of rich culture in Penang, Malaysia has something to offer you. Malaysia is ranked third in Asia and among the top 20 safest countries in the world by the Global Peace Index. It also has the US State Department’s blue seal of approval as a Level 1 safe destination. In other words, there’s not a very high danger.

The capital of Kuala Lumpur is safer and less expensive than other cities in the United States and Europe. Finally, it’s a fully equipped hub for digital nomads that is becoming increasingly popular. Travelling alone and wanting to take business with you? Malaysia is a fantastic choice for single women. 

Dublin Ireland

Adventure Travel destination for Women 2024 | Dublin Ireland | Travellfy

I met some of the nicest and most accommodating people I’ve ever met when I was in Ireland! The people here are kind and easygoing. Moreover, this location is relatively free of sexual assault. You may expand your tour to include Northern Ireland for even more thrill! Dublin is without a doubt one of the best places for young women to visit, especially if it’s your first trip there.

Seeing the over 80-year-old Hungry Tree, which has grown to the size of a beast, is one of the most pleasant things to do here on your own!  You could go along O’Connell Street, one of Dublin’s most famous streets, and see the Spire monument.

Without entering this Temple Bar, the most well-known bar, a trip wouldn’t be complete. 

Approximately 64% of all foreign tourists are women, and that number is continually growing.

Travelling alone doesn’t have to be tough or impossible all the time. With the help of this guide, you can decide on a lot of places to go next. I really hope you found this information helpful. Again, thanks for reading. Have you made any suggestions or learned something new? In case you could take a vacation, where would you go?

Tell me, please. Comment down below.

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