You are currently viewing 21 Best Places to take pictures in Los Angeles

21 Best Places to take pictures in Los Angeles

Best Places to take pictures in Los Angeles

 is always known as a photographer’s hometown.

There are many unique places to take pictures, photo shoots in Los Angeles.

Photographers often consider Los Angeles to be their hometown.

By the way Who doesn’t want to take photos and shoot gorgeous

mountains and beaches?

In Los Angeles, There’s never a bad sunset.

Photography in LA always admires everyone.

That is why Photo Shooting in Los Angeles is heaven.

Every time I catch myself spending the entire day taking pictures.

I know when you are reading this blog,

you may be considering making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Los Angeles.

I swear, this is so incredible that even

I couldn’t stop spending time shooting with friends and family members enjoying the best unforgettable experiences.

This city is brimming with tour guides; I highly recommend joining a local group , hitchhiking or any tour organisation to get around the cool places of Los Angeles.

Let’s have breakfast first

and then I’ll share my all-time favourite list of

20 Best places to take pictures in Los Angeles

  • 1

Santa Monica pier

Santa Monica pier | Travellfy

Could you imagine spending time enjoying the vibrant Colours of sunset at the Santa Monica pier?

Alongside This minimal, vintage Americana amusement park on Santa Monica Pier offers a solar-powered Ferris wheel, a mild roller coaster ride, family-friendly hotels, arcade games, and various species of food outlets around the world.

The price here is far less than it would be at Universal Studios and Disneyland and the sweeping views of the city and ocean from the top of the roller coasters are unmatched.

This is a perfect place for delightful family photo shoots in Los Angeles.

  • 2

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art | Travellfy

In the western United States,

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is classified as the largest and most encyclopaedic art museum.

Having more than 100,000 items,

Its collections cover almost every aspect of art history, from ancient times to the present, and from every continent in the world.

One special highlight of Lacma is  Metropolis Sunlight. The “Metropolis Sunlight” scenario at LACMA is a well-liked sight  regardless of the time of day.

This place is amazing For street photo shooting in Los Angeles.

This place is quite good and you will definitely appreciate it when you get around these unique rows of street lights here.

  • 3

Walt Disney concert Hall

Walt Disney concert Hall | Travellfy

Situated in the heart of the City

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a  perfect example of top notch design and workmanship.

Thanks to its massive steel roof structure, even the rooms are clutter-free.

Just a heads up:

Be aware where you put your hands because the stainless steel outside can get very hot during sunshine.

This place is super helpful shooting a music video.

  • 4

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum | Travellfy

Since its opening in 2015,

The Broad Museum as its name features an open collection of modern artwork that was created and has blossomed to emerge as one of Los Angeles’ most well-liked museums.

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Broad Museum are neighbours.

You can enjoy the moments of both the places at once

It’s worthwhile to take pictures of its outer shell day and night. Additionally, there are several fascinating works of art within which you are going to explore.

The good  news is that the General admission is free, although there is always someone waiting for it.

So make sure you reached out early

The Broad Museum has been a huge hit since it launched in 2015.

Every year,

it attracts some 900,000 people,

nearly all of whom sign up in advance for the free tickets.

With roughly two hundred pieces of art from the 1950s to the present,

isn’t it a giant broad museum?

I guess Yes

  • 5

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame | Travellfy

Established in 1958, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce founded the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s a collection of stars ingrained in the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. 

The Chamber wished to establish a monument that would promote tourism in Hollywood.

The names of celebrities who have made noteworthy contributions to the entertainment industry have been associated with each star.

This monument is more than just a list of well-known people’s names. It’s also a live history of the entertainment industry. New stars are added to the Walk of Fame, adding a significant history that goes back to the early days of Hollywood.

This place is perfect for milk bath photoshoot.

  • 6

Chinatown Central Plaza

Chinatown Central Plaza | Travellfy

Central Plaza was built during the 1930s.

Plus, it’s a well-known filming site for films like Lethal Weapon, 4 Rush Hour, and the Jack Nicholson film

Central Plaza is very distinct from the rest of the field in Chinatown. With its sloping, triple-layered, tiled roof, the ornate East Gate of Chinatown will be readily visible as you go up Broadway.

Just close to the gate is a sizable statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who is revered by the Chinese as the creator and leader of modern China.

With all of its vibrant colours and patterns, the Central Plaza is the most vibrant site in Chinatown. Vibrant red lamps dance across Central Plaza’s courtyard.

The structures are coloured in bright yellow, green, blue, and red tones.

Chinatown Central Plaza is a very popular photoshoot location in los Angeles.

  • 7

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon | Travellfy

Runyon Canyon is a walk that was enjoyable situated right in the heart of Hollywood.

It’s a nice spot for a long walk, seeing the Hollywood Sign in the distance, and seeing celebrities. There’s also a hidden sculpture to see.

On a clear day, Runyon offers panoramic views of Catalina Island and the Santa Monica Mountains. There are crowds here, so don’t expect to have a perfect hiking experience. It’s worth hiking at least once in Runyon Canyon, which was awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

This place is perfect for a vintage photoshoot location.

  • 8

Pink wall

Pink wall | Travellfy

Paul Smith’s Pink Wall , is  one of the world’s most Instagrammable destinations.

Really, there will be a long queue around the corner if you want to visit the pink wall during busy hours, so remember to bring some snacks.

Thousands still stand in advance to grab the ideal photo in the best locations for photoshoots in Los Angeles.

  • 9

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary | Travellfy

The Queen Mary, a retired British ocean liner, is now a popular tourist attraction in Long Beach for photography in LA

The Queen Mary has a lot to offer, including spooky fun, spa services, boutique stores, educational excursions, and fascinating displays. Get a first-class room on this regal ocean liner to fully enjoy the Queen Mary experience.

The Queen Mary also has one of Long Beach’s most diverse dining scenes, ranging from basic snacks and romantic bars to premium restaurants with ocean views.

This place is perfect for dining photoshoot scenes.

  • 10

Abbort kinney Boulevard

Abbort Kinney Boulevard | Travellfy

One of the most recognisable, interesting, and visually stunning streets on the Westside for a long time is Abbot Kinney Boulevard, which is close by to the Fairmont Miramar.

 The mile-long commercial stretch has seen multiple changes over the years.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a few locally owned restaurants, boutiques, and galleries opened on the street, gradually attracting customers from outside the neighbourhood.

For  Instagram photographers, and this place  is a must-visit

  • 11

Huntington Library and Gardens

Huntington Library and Gardens | Travellfy

Scattered among 12 specialised gardens,

the 120 acres surrounding The Huntington are a centre for science and culture.

Originally the railroad tycoon Henry Huntington’s private house, it is now one of Southern California’s must-visit cultural sites, including impressive rare book collections.

The Library features famous works of art such as Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy,” Mary Cassatt’s “Breakfast in Bed,” a Gutenberg Bible, an illuminated manuscript of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and a First Folio edition of Shakespeare.

  • 12

Rode Drive

Rode Drive | Travellfy

We’re going to take you to Beverly Hills’ “flagship” street, Rodeo Drive, which is lined with luxury stores.

This well-known street, which is roughly two miles long and has well-kept sidewalks on both sides with flowerbeds in the centre, is a popular destination for luxury brand shopping. 

The climate is warm in summer and gentle in winter, inviting and suitable for enjoying a tour around the streets and avenues while looking up at the palm trees.

Consider it your perfect Los Angeles place for one of a kind exotic photoshoots.

  • 13

El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach | Travellfy

To reach the most breathtaking coastline on the coast,

El Matador Beach guests twisting Pacific Coast Highway.

Although there are other little beaches, this rocky stretch of sand stands out due to its lengthy stretches of white sand, steep cliffs, jagged rock formations, and sea stacks.

Photographers often hold photo sessions among the jutting rocks and roaring waves, making El Matador an ideal location for their work.

You’ll probably bump into them and their models, so don’t be shocked if you see groups of body boarders and surfers riding the swells on this south-facing beach.

This EL Matador Beach is an ideal location for  beach photo shooting.

  • 14

The Getty Center 

The Getty Center | Travellfy

The Getty Centre is not limited to enthusiasts of art. Its majestic structures, located in the hills above West Los Angeles, feature galleries full of masterpieces that might scare people unfamiliar with 17th-century  art—

It has something for everyone, whether you go for the art, the free weekend theatre and music concerts, the kid-friendly activities, or just to find the ideal spot for a leisurely picnic.

Even better?

 (You only need to pay for parking.)

Go and grab the advantage of this place for outdoor photoshoots in LA.

  • 15

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory | Travellfy

With eyes on both the galaxy above and palm-flanked avenues below, the Griffith Observatory is  like a hulking spacecraft.

This is one of the city’s great landmarks, an art style giant that has appeared on both the small and big screens.

The Pacific Ocean, surrounding mountains, and the whole Los Angeles Basin are visible from the Griffith Observatory on clear days.

You can see the Hollywood Hills, the metropolitan skyline, and even the most recognizable sign in the area from the building’s rooftop observation deck.

Go out on a clear day right before sundown to enjoy amazing stargazing and breathtaking sunset views of the sparkling metropolis below.

This place is quite perfect for a wedding photoshoot in Los angeles. 

  • 16

Angeles Crest Highway

Angeles Crest Highway | Travellfy

Throughout the past five years, driving the Angeles Crest Highway has been one of my most thrilling, pleasurable, and peaceful experiences.

The San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest can be seen from the beautiful mountain-rural Angeles Crest Highway.

Although it’s always on small variations, this super century delivers plenty of climbing.

The journey begins in La Cañada Flintridge, where the Angeles Crest Highway begins. The course heads towards Wrightwood, the turnaround point, along Highway 2 for almost sixty miles.

This place is an ideal place for fashion photography and lifestyle photos.

  • 17

Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building | Travellfy

Fans of films, photography, architecture, and all points in between can all come together at the Bradbury Building, a piece of history.

Make sure to visit this storied structure if you are staying nearby 

What if we told you that the Bradbury Building is a well-known place where TV shows, films and music videos are filmed?

Not one or two, but 98 films have been made here since 1942!

This place is quite suitable for a chic photoshoot.

  • 18

Union station

Union station | Travellfy

It has been called “the last of the great railway stations” in the United States and is located in the middle of some of Los Angeles’ busiest roads.

Union Station is now the city’s heartbeat, transporting passengers and tourists alike from its magnificent history

Union Station is lovely in the way that its big architecture and details come together.

Upon entering at the entrance, the massive brass windows and high vaulted ceiling first capture my eye.

Currently serving as a venue for events, the Historic Ticket Hall transports visitors back to a time when excited travellers could buy tickets via any one of thirty windows crafted of American black walnut.

This place is the perfect destination for commercial photoshoots.

  • 19

OUE Skyspace LA

OUE Skyspace LA | Travellfy

The best place to get panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles is OUE Skyspace LA, which is located in the famous US Bank Tower around 1,000 feet above the city.

Nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown Los Angeles, on California’s tallest open-air observation deck, OUE Skyspace LA offers unmatched 360-degree vistas.

Take a ride on the 45-foot, fully enclosed, 1-1/4″ thick all glass Skyslide, which lands on the famous US Bank Tower’s facade.

The booming city of downtown Los Angeles is home to skyscraper buildings, busy streets, and industrial warehouses.

There is a distinct multiplicity of cultures here with a growing influx of business professionals and hipsters.

This place is super helpful for artistic photo shooting. 

  • 20

Angels Flight

Angels Flight | Travellfy

More than a hundred films have been made about it, dozens of books have been written about it, and a video game featuring skateboarding tricks even exists.

 And, yes, you can ride the legendary Angels Flight, just as locals and visitors have for generations.

Roughly speaking, it’s a funicular, a brief cable railway constructed on an incline, usually a cliff or mountainside.

Angels Flight has two vehicles, called Olivet and Sinai.

This historic beauty, set into a hillside near Downtown Los Angeles, makes it hard to bypass.

This place is one of the best places to take pictures in Los angeles.

  • 21

World of Illusions

World of Illusions | Travellfy

The World of Illusions, an immersive entertainment experience with four displays that provide several photo opportunities.

 With a changing backdrop for every snap, this one-of-a-kind attraction in the middle of Los Angeles is an Instagrammer’s dream come true.

One of its displays, the Museum of Illusions, offers an amazing array of three-dimensional artworks that urge you to explore diverse worlds.

The Upside Down House has seven rooms where everything turns upside down, which makes it playful for photographers.

You’ll feel insignificant standing next to gigantic household items in The Giant’s House.

This place is the perfect gigantic photoshoot. And Also Best travel Destination








By the way There are many shiny places to capture Los Angeles’ splendour.



Any photographer’s dream will come true

when travelling to these unique places in Los Angeles.

A beautiful city full of stunning murals and galleries.


Keep the momentum going.

We are here to help you find the best photoshoot location in Los Angeles.

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