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Dubai Mall – Best 6 Aspects To Know!

Dubai Mall – an opulence of grandeur is considered to be an iconic shopping destination in the world!

A global shopping hub catering to the needs and desires of every individual, the mall has something to offer for each personality.

Dubai Mall is an experience in itself irrespective of whether you are a local or a tourist or the number of times you may have visited the mall.

An architectural marvel, the mall consists of a plethora of luxury brands, popular international retailers as well as high-end boutiques.

The world of luxury is brought to your feet as the Dubai Mall offers its visitors a range of fashion, electronics and exquisite jewellery, fragrances and accessories options.

In this blog, we will explore the world of Dubai Mall in all its magnificence and splendour!


How Big Is Dubai Mall?

When you visit the Dubai Mall, you get mesmerized by the sheer opulence of the place.

Spread across an internal total area of around 5.9 million square feet with a gross leasable space of 3.77 million square feet, the mall is home to around 1300 retail stores which is still increasing.

The visitors have the luxury of exploring the expansive corridors of the mall wherein you unveil new facets of shopping extravaganza at each corner.


Address Dubai Mall!

Owned by EMAAR Properties, the 4 floored Dubai Mall is located at Doha Street (Downtown Dubai), Off 1st Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

As the mall is strategically located in the city centre, it is easy to visit for locals and tourists alike.

As the location of the mall is prime, the tourists are not only restricted to visiting the mall in one day but can also explore the city’s attractions seamlessly weaving retail therapy with exploring the broader tapestry of Dubai.


Dubai Mall Aquarium!

Adding uniqueness to your shopping experience is the crowned jewel of the Dubai Mall namely its beautiful aquarium.

The mall’s aquarium is home to a large array of aquatic animals ranging from sharks to even mesmerizing rays.

The visitors have the option to observe the awe-inspiring underwater world from within the mall or they can even explore the marine world up close by engaging in experiences like cage snorkelling and shark diving.


Dubai Mall Restaurants!

As the Dubai Mall caters to the preferences of all shopaholics, similarly, it also caters to the taste palates of a range of visitors with its plethora of culinary delights.

Offering an adventure of gastronomy, the mall offers an array of restaurants from gourmet fine dining options to even casual eateries that satisfy the foodie in the visitor!

Providing visitors with both local flavours as well as international cuisine, the culinary delights of the mall are a testament to the magnificent cosmopolitan charm of the city!


Dubai Mall Map!

The Dubai Mall offers its visitors a user-friendly map to navigate easily through the expanse of the mall.

Acting as a tourist guide for visitors, the Dubai Mall map provides a blueprint of all the outlets from fashion to entertainment so that the visitors do not miss out on any of the must-visit places or hidden gems that are present in the mall.


Why Dubai Mall Is The Best?

Synonymous with marvel and grandeur, the Dubai Mall is accoladed to be the best mall for the following reasons –

Unmatched Luxury

The Dubai Mall shouts luxury as it harbours the retail outlets of some of the most exclusive international designer brands.

This extravagance of indulgence in shopping helps to satisfy the luxurious desires of individuals visiting the mall.


Entertainment Extravaganza

The dream world of shopaholics, the mall also has a special place in the hearts of entertainment lovers as it entertains its visitors through various entertainment zones that they can indulge in.

With the Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania and even the Dubai Fountain show, the entertainment factor of the mall is so large that it adds up to its opulence.


Diverse Dining

All foodaholics experience a culinary journey in the Dubai Mall as they are offered a variety of culinary options to choose from.

As a result, every visitor is satisfied with the dining options available to them ranging from casual to fine dining!


Architectural Marvel

An architectural marvel, the Dubai Mall is a reflection of the perfect blend of modern design decorated with Arabian elements that are traditional.

A visually stunning environment, the Dubai Mall is an experience in itself that is unmatched and beyond any shopping spree.


Cultural Fusion

The cultural diversification of the city is reflected in the Dubai Mall as it caters to individuals from around the world.

Owing to the blend of cultural fusion as well as aesthetics, the Dubai Mall helps create a global experience for everyone!



A visit to Dubai is incomplete without a trip to the Dubai Mall.

Offering the best shopping experiences in the entire world, the mall is one of the most famous attractions of the city!

Perfectly suited for every individual irrespective of their country and age, the Dubai Mall is the epitome of luxury, panache and accessibility!

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